I specialize in adult beginners. I understand the particular challenges of learning a new skill after childhood. I understand the trap of thinking it is too late to start something new. 

I customize your lessons around what you need. It is all about you. This is your choice and your money. You should be having fun.

What’s your worry?

  • Can’t meet regularly? We’ll schedule lessons as we go.
  • Too busy to practice? You can get by with 5 minutes at a time.
  • Can’t read music? I’ll teach you to play without reading.
  • Tone deaf? If you want to play, then you are musical. I can overturn your tone deafness, real or perceived.
  • Think you’ll be 50, 60, 70 years old before you are “any good?” You’ll learn the tunes you want to play from the start. Learning an instrument is like saving for retirement: it's better to start early, but it's never too late to start.

My philosophy is to teach you how to do what you want to do. I have no interest in imposing a particular method or demanding you acquire skills that you don’t need. Playing the harp should be something you enjoy. 

I also work to understand your learning style so that I can teach the way that is best for you. Knowing more about how you learn can help you in other areas of your life, too.


“Karen brings an enthusiasm to teaching that is both genuine and infectious.  She has trained me in many subjects over the years, both professionally and personally, by coupling her expertise and passion into a potent educational cocktail.” --Andrew

"Karen takes a personal interest in every person that she works with. She is passionate about everything she does and goes above and beyond to coach people when she recognizes that they could use help. Karen took me under her wing when I first started at my current company and mentored me along my journey. The skills and knowledge I learned from Karen have been the foundation which I use every day going on six years later.” --Niamh

“When you ask Karen for help, it’s not about the advice you receive, it’s about the sincere look of compassion and commitment in her eyes when she talks to you. You feel like you can let down your guard, ask questions and demonstrate your abilities.” --Eudi

“While working with Karen in a professional setting I found she has many qualities that are desirable and easily transferred to a teaching setting. She has unbounded enthusiasm and energy for whatever project she is on and genuine interest in her co-workers. Karen also knows her subject matter inside and out, providing confidence in her teaching or mentoring abilities. She has a supportive work style that manages to also exhort her co-workers to provide their best, all the while knowing that she is right there beside them, helping them achieve their goals.” --Hilary

“I've had the privilege of working with Karen and was always so impressed by her ability to not only do thoughtful, intelligent work, but also by her natural ability as a mentor to the whole team. Karen is also such a fun person to work with, I can't imagine a better teacher in whatever field she's in.” --Ranee

“Whenever Karen presented her work, she was able to take the complex and abstract thinking behind her designs and explain it so people got it right away!” --Regina

“Karen's an inspiring mentor. While working together as a team at Digitas, she graciously showed me the ropes of interactive design, while helping me to gracefully inspire a team and manage a client. Her joy of sharing comes through in everything she does!" --Kellie

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