Getting started with the harp is as easy as 1, 2, 3...4, 5!

1: Set your music goals

What you want to get out of harp playing will drive all of the next decisions you make. Being clear from the start will steer you around pitfalls. Set your music goals.

2: Choose to play with pedals or levers

Once you know what your goals are on the harp, you will be better equipped to choose between two types of instrument: a harp with pedals or a harp with levers. There is a difference in cost, repertoire, technique, and perception. Some teachers only teach one or the other. Learn more about how to choose pedals or levers.

3: Interview teachers

I would love for you to come be my student...but only if I have what you are looking for. You want someone you have a good rapport with, someone who supports you and your goals. Choose your teacher.

4: Get a harp

Some people start looking for lessons because they just bought a harp. Others would like a teacher’s help selecting among the many makes and models. There are options for renting and things to look for when buying. Get help with getting a harp.

5: Take your first lesson

Bring your goals, bring your harp, and enjoy!

Ready to contact me? Or, learn about setting your goals first. And more answers are to be found in the frequently asked questions section.